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idle hands

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i've got a broken picture frame to my left. [15 Jun 2003|07:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

okay. it's been almost a month.

i'm keeping this community alive whether you like it or not. because saddle creek turned to shit. and that makes me sad.

i'm not letting this one turn to shit, too.

so, let's see.

i work at an ice cream store because that's the only job that was available this summer. i just dyed my hair [again] and i like it best, like this. i'm not going to any shows anytime soon, because well.. good bands don't tour here much. i found my izone the other day and took some pretty fun pictures. it's 83 degrees outside, and rising.

[i'm spitting off the most pointless facts, just because i'm hoping to get a response to one of them? or.. in hopes that you'll do it too.]


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