Yours • Truely (crazyfacer) wrote in idle_hands,
Yours • Truely

so im new here. and my first post is somewhat of my venting a big thing going on in my life. is about education for myself. see for my first year of high school. i attended pallotti high school in laurel MD.[private high school] and simple put. i hated it. the people, the teachers and the god damn atmosphere. sucked. now.. im not one of those type of kids who thinks education is everything becuase.. its not. bottom line.

For the last 8 - 10 months. i have been suggesting i attend another school. [public] Broadneck High school in Annapolis MD. now. for the entire time i have been saying this and giving reasons for my attending there, i have been shot down. for one reason and one reason only. my father.. wants the best for me. and.. doesnt care how it effects me. emotionally or any ther way. best education. period. now.. correct me if im wrong.. but.. if.. im getting an education but being so misserable while getting it. that isnt the best he can do is it? NO. damn it. im not one of those kids who loves school. no. BUT if i am to attend school. i would rather be in an atmosphere i like and people i can stand, with teachers who dont forget what they said the minute before! DAMN IT. the best education isnt just getting the most knowledge about the world.. its also. about growing and being simply put.. happy. correct? YES! getting an education surronded by people i like, teachers who are smart enough to know the material and not forget it, and being myself is [i think] the best that can be done.

for this whole time. ive been shot down. by my father not giving a shit about how i feel.. or what i think about the problem. he thinks he knows best. but when i try to tell him. its not the best and he ignores it. that is one of the worst things a child must endure. its cruel, for a parent not to listen and at least.. hear a child out with their opinions and what they have to say. i am sick of.. being told whats right and whats wrong for me. and it continues with my education. if that made any sence.. to any one.. sorry if it didnt. i had to let it out.

the end.


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